Stuttering Testimonial – Sean

“I have been teased and used to fear raising my hand in class, but stuttering will not own me, and I encourage any stutterer out there to not to let it own you.”Schanwaz (Sean) Khan

Schanwaz “Sean” Khan intends on becoming a doctor one day and he will not let his stuttering be the reason why he does not achieve that goal. One of his biggest challenges he has faced in his life is public speaking. Despite his fears, when his school gave him the opportunity to speak at the 2015 MLK commemorative service, he took it to prove to himself that he had not let his stuttering own him. Schnawaz memorized 2 paragraphs of MLK’s March to Selma speech and then recited it in front of 1,200 people at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. His speech was televised and he nailed it without stuttering. This experience gave him the confidence to speak at his high school’s graduation and public speaking is something he now enjoys.